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  • Amazing Experience!


    [Translate] Amazing Experience! By Bibles for China After returning home from China, friends, family, and co-workers all wanted to hear what the best part of the experience was. It was a struggle finding the right story to paint how vivid of an impression this country left on me. I didn’t know if I should describe […]

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  • God is Faithful!


    [Translate] God is Faithful! By Bibles for China Seven years ago in March I celebrated my 72nd birthday in China. Along with many others, I believed that it was almost impossible to distribute Bibles to the Christians there. Many of the churches would post scripture portions for the believers to copy and take to their […]

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  • tomorrow, ready or not


    [Translate] tomorrow, ready or not By Jen Wilken They’re asking the question again: “Are you ready?” Sweet smiles of encouragement span their faces, the question mark floating in the air. I am warmed by their kind inquiry. I weigh my answer. I remember the first time I heard that question posed in that way, with […]