By Elsie J Ruiz

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF WHAT AWAITS YOU AFTER DEATH? When a loved one has passed, have you wondered where they are, how they are? Many are the stories we have heard, the current movies and books, the infinite philosophical, religious and personal accounts of what heaven looks like. From angels playing harps on puffy clouds, to St. Peter opening a majestic gate, from a boring eternal life, to a glorious everlasting sing-along, from the “void” to that bright yellow light, we have all wrestled with the question of heaven. There are probably as many interpretations of heaven as there are people in the world.

I’d like to share this personal story with you and at the end, tell me…could this story shed a new light on your interpretation? I must warn you…it is a bit graphic, because it comes from real life. And life, my friends, at times, is  cruel, crude and as I said, graphic.

This experience took place on the day of the birth of my grandson Cole. I remember the day very clearly, as I know many of you do also, but for another reason. It was around one o’clock when I arrived at the delivery room.

Images of the victims of Katrina were streaming from a television set mounted on one of the walls. It was a beautiful moment marred by tragedy. My heart broke for the victims on the screen. I remember feeling somewhat guilty for the joy that was about to occur. I said a prayer, turned away from the television and congratulated my son and the beautiful mother-to-be on this happy event.

We didn’t have to wait long before the expected moment. Witnessing the birth, along side of me, was my daughter-in-law’s best friend. Everything and everyone in place, the awaited moment arrived. With her camera ready, this dear friend began to snap pictures as the baby showed signs of coming into the world. “Come on baby…come on“, she yelled, trying to encourage baby Cole to help his exhausted mother in her distress.

On impulse, because the doctor announced the baby’s arrival was to be face down, I dropped to the floor in order to catch a better view of that baby’s first peek at our world. I looked up! Suddenly, I heard another yell, “Come on baby…Come into the light…COME INTO THE LIGHT!”

With these words, an image exploded in my mind and hit my heart like a bolt of lightning, and then my eyes captured the beautiful face of my grandson for the very first time. I saw this golden baby boy literally coming out into “the light”.

My grandson was being born into a world he could never comprehend. A world familiar and known to his parents, to all of us, but not to him. The confines of the constricted womb was home, where he felt safe. Entering this unknown territory was frightening…so frightening…he cried! He wanted to go back!

I saw HEAVEN! I saw EARTH!

Could this be us, I asked myself? We feel so safe here in our world, our womb. So safe we don’t want to leave and we don’t want to let others go. So safe in our world that we don’t want to go into “the light”. Into a world we could never comprehend; a world familiar to our Heavenly Father, our Creator, but not to us. The confines of the constricted womb is home, where we feel safe. Entering this unknown territory is frightening…so frightening…we cry! Do we really want to come back?

One thing I learned that day; God said He is the “I Am“. No name, no image, no revelation of Himself to anyone. To try to describe the “I Am” is impossible. To try to define the “I Am” is to fail. To try to create the “I Am” is idol worship. We are incapable to describe in human term the wonders of God, yet in our humanity we continue to try when what He asked is, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added onto you.” (Luke 6:33)

Yes…the “I Am” is INDESCRIBABLE!

That day I saw myself as baby Cole, my precious grandson. For me to try to describe heaven would be like baby Cole trying to describe the world he was entering. His womb was his home, small and tight, constricted, limited, it was all he knew, where he felt safe. The world he was entering was unknown, it was huge, infinitely bigger, and filled with wonders, yet he rejected it, he wanted to go back into that safe place…his temporary home….the womb.

Our world is our womb, small and tight, constricted, limited, we think it’s huge and vast…yet we feel safe because it’s all we know. The world we will be entering, heaven, is filled with indescribable unknown wonders, infinitely bigger, gifted to us by God, yet we reject it. We want to stay in our safe place, our temporary home.

It was God that told us that the world is our temporary home; “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” (Hebrews 13:14 NLT) Yes…Heaven IS our permanent home! A permanent home which only God will one day reveal to us.

Now, as for me, I am certain that one day, in a blink of an eye I will travel from the describable to the indescribable. I will go from the womb that was once my world to the world that is my real home, heaven. If I am ever asked to describe it? NOW…how can a baby describe this world?


Photo credit: Wonderlane / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Elsie Ruiz

As a leader In World Prayr, Elsie has raised the bar in what it means to be a true servant of the King of Kings, serving others unselfishly within the will of God, as His messenger.

Many are blessed as she prayerfully authors encouraging daily scriptural insights for each day of the week in #mydailyprayr on @worldprayr twitter.

Elsie is the Founder of Shepherd’s Way International, Inc. which was established with the mission to feed His sheep, in the manner of the Good Shepherd. It reaches out to those in need while developing novel products intended to be the source of their fundraising. Proceeds are poured into the coffers of other like minded organizations, churches, institutions and individuals in the hopes of fortifying their humanitarian services.

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