7 Relationships Foundational To Sexual Purity – Part 1

7 Relationships Foundational To Sexual Purity – Part 1

By Tony Ingrassia via Power of Purity

The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 80 –

Every man will have work to do as he moves forward on the path of sexual purity that God has intended for his life.

In this series of episodes (80 – 84) Tony explores 7 different “relationships” the average man will need to work on in order to progress in purity from where he’s been to where God is taking him.

The “good news” is this… as a man works on these 7 key relationships of his life…

* He will move forward toward the healing of his own heart… life… and sexuality…

* He will be empowered to resist temptation when it presents itself to him…

* He will be strengthened in his walk of purity…

* He will be empowered to honor God… and his wife… with the expression of his sexual gift.

In this first episode… Tony presents the 1st relationship that’s foundational to sexual purity!

Power of Purity is a ministry proclaiming the message of sexual purity throughout the 26 prisons of the Missouri State Prison System.

Tony Ingrassia founded the ministry based on his own struggles and now as a Licensed Professional Counselor he brings the truths that brought delivery for himself to other men.

They have a wonderful three book offering, that they have developed to further the message of purity. Which you can find on their website 3-Book Set

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