ABOUT – Bibles for China

ABOUT – Bibles for China

By Bibles for China

Our Purpose

Bibles for China’s heart is to provide God’s Word, the Bible, legally and without cost to Christians often living in rural mainland China, where a great need for Bibles exists.

Many people we serve in rural China already know the love of God, but for most of them their income cannot purchase anything other than basic needs. Because of their location and lack of monetary resources, they simply do not have access to Bibles. Their Bible reading is restricted to pages they have copied, passages they have memorized, or tattered Bibles shared among the village.

Bibles for China recognizes the tremendous need and is committed to put Bibles in the hands of rural Chinese Christians. Previous generations have not had the opportunity to openly distribute Bibles to those in China for fear of negative consequences from authorities.

Today that is no longer true. The door is open to give rural Chinese Christians the spiritual resources they need and pray for — the resources they need to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and bring new people into the family of God.

Our Strategy

Partners from 28 countries have joined Bibles for China to raise the funds to buy Bibles written in Mandarin, the reading language of China. At a cost of $5.00 each, Bibles for China purchases and distributes these Bibles to rural Chinese Christians. The Bibles are printed in China at the Amity Printing Press, which is the world’s largest Bible printing press and operates as an arm of the Amity Foundation. Legal Bibles in China are provided by working through the Chinese Christian Counsel.

We work closely with these Christian brothers who have the responsibility of providing Bibles to the Christians who have anticipated and prayed for the opportunity to have a Bible of their own. Bibles for China selects teams to go to China to verify delivery of the Bibles and to rejoice with those who receive them.

Help Bibles for China meet the need

Millions of Chinese Christians hunger and thirst for the Word of God.

It is legal for Chinese Christians to own a Bible.

The only barriers are limited resources and remote location.

You can help meet this need.

Learn about Bibles for China and why the need for Bibles is so great.


is committed to legally purchasing and distributing Bibles at no cost to rural Christians in China.

Committed to the extraordinary opportunity of distributing Bibles in China. Our goal is 100,000 Bibles to be delivered this year.

Thousands of rural Chinese Christians need Bibles. Bibles for China is committed to getting those Bibles into the hands of these believers at no cost to them.

Within two decades, the Chinese Church will grow to over 400 million believers, and China will become the largest Christian nation in the world! Yet, one thing is lacking.. Bibles.


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