A Daily Devotional Blog????

We thank you for taking the time to visit this section of our ministries service offering and would like to provide a brief overview of how we attempt to better serve you in this important area.

Our Blog was primarily, uniquely, created to take down the barriers of our behind the screen existence, as well as to welcome any and all who have a story to share from their walk with our Savior and Lord. We don’t; judge, rate or critique those whom the Lord our God has gifted. Instead, we welcome all with cyber world open access, to share with those who are like-minded, or still seeking!

We believe God speaks to us all when we are either seeking or reading about Him. Thus, we offer many venues, around the globe and clock, to keep us all connected to Him.

World Prayr, is focused on reconnection! Jesus died so that we might all be reconciled. Our Blog enables us to reach out to those in need, seeking, or even doubting, for we believe Jesus has truly overcome the entire world. It is our global on-line ministry’s mission to honor and serve the One Most High in all we do to further His Kingdom and reach those who are lost, saved but disconnected or merely searching for His comforting truth.

Our Ministries Global Mission is to:

Aggressively evangelize, via the web, bringing; encouragement, support, and prayer for the entire body. We also partner with local, off-line ministries, to re-connect those who have become disenchanted within the body.

If you would like to join our global, rapidly expanding World Prayr team please contact us at: info@worldprayr.org 

If you would like to know more about World Prayr check out the top navigational menu link, called Find Us, or just please go to our website.  

Perhaps you are prayerfully considering becoming part of our wonderful “Ohana”. If so, please contact us at: serve@worldprayr.org 

Whatever you choose, or direction you may go in, we pray World Prayr will be a ministry that impacts you for and to Christ.

You can always contact me directly at: mobolaji@worldprayr.org  for more information about our Blog, or to find out more about any of the preceding! Until then, may Gods blessing be upon you always.