Serving With Proper Motivation and Purpose!

What type of effort is God interested in?  First we need to keep in mind that God is not interested in three things, luke warm efforts, half-hearted efforts or things done from impure motivation! His gift demands that in everything we do, everything we say, we do it remembering that his gift requires that we lay it on the alter for […]

World Prayr Does Not Accept Volunteers!

Volunteers Need Not Apply

Christianity has gotten lazy and sloppy in it’s vernacular. We tend to adopt words, sayings and statements that are common to normal,every day language. Yet, those meanings fly in the face of what we may understand as truth from the Word of God.

Can you think of any that come to mind? How about this word? Servant! What does that word mean to you?

Does it have the same meaning as the word slave to you? Did you know that only in English translations of the Bible will you find the word servant? It is actually taken from the Greek word doulos which the proper interpretation of that word is Slave!

Are We Slaves?