BIO – Meet the Smith Family

BIO – Meet the Smith Family

by Tribal Rescue Ministries

Smith Family TrioFor almost four decades The Smith Family ministry team has been involved in music and preaching ministry.  Craig and his father, Ray, are enrolled members of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe Indians.  They grew up on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota.  LaDonna is a Navajo Indian from Arizona.  

The Smith’s have served Christ in gospel music and evangelism, church planting and local pastoral ministry, as well as national church leadership roles.  Presently Craig serves as a C&MA National Evangelist, helping equip everyday believers to become everyday rescuers through Tribal Rescue Ministries.

Five generations of both Craig and LaDonna’s families have been impacted by the gospel, starting with faithful C&MA missionaries serving in their community in Craig’s grandparent’s generation.  After being reached for Christ by Alliance missionaries, The Smith’s continue to be used by God in evangelism and deeper life shapeimage_7teaching in many cross cultural settings.

From 2003-2008, Craig and LaDonna helped lead a team of Native youth evangelists called On Eagles’ Wings who brought the gospel to Native youth throughout North America and saw historic responses to the gospel.  In those five years, almost six-thousand five-hundred Native people came to Christ through this amazing ministry.

Along with their ministry across North America, The Smiths have taken the gospel to indigenous people in over a dozen countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Australia.

shapeimage_8Craig has been a featured speaker for Promise Keepers national stadium events, has represented Native Americans at the White House and at the residence of the President of Israel. He has served on The C&MA’s Board of Directors for several terms.  

LaDonna serves with Craig as an effective communicator and conference speaker for women.  She also was elected and served on The C&MA’s Board of Directors.

Ray continues to serve on the staff of Chief Ministries, located in Phoenix, Arizona, and accompanies Craig and LaDonna in their music ministry as his schedule permits.  

26828_108003422551199_107914792560062_192895_7841112_n (1)Craig and LaDonna have three grown children, Nizhoni, Dallas (Elizabeth), and Shandiin (Stefan), three grandchildren, Lydia, Violet, and Colin Matthew, and three grandchildren awaiting them in Heaven.

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is a ministry of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Craig Smith is licensed as an Alliance official worker, serving as a C&MA National Evangelist. LaDonna has served faithfully along Craig’s side in music, teaching and equipping many next generation rescuers for over thirty-four years.

As a part of The Alliance, Tribal Rescue Ministries operates under the Statement of Faith of The C&MA. You can learn more about The Alliance by visiting


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