Book Review – Crushing the Devil

Book Review – Crushing the Devil


“Crushing the Devil” is written by Pedro Okoro

Published by Deep River Books

Review by Elsie Ruiz


Even before I knew of Pedro Okoro’s Spiritual impacting book ‘Cushing the Devil’, I was already drawn to a man that wore the garment Paul spoke of in Colossians 3:12.  Through Twitter, I saw how he so generously offered compassion, kindness and gentleness in a patient and humble way.  He became a mentor to me in a medium I knew little about. Not long after, I was ordering his book.

Little did I know that aside from being inspired by Pedro’s daily Tweets and Blogs I would also find myself so powerfully drawn to his book , ‘Crushing the Devil’. It is a wake up call to all of us who have been complaisant in dealing with the power Satan exerts over us. It exposes the gravity of what is called “Spiritual Attack”. 

If you are a skeptic, I challenge you to give it a try. In his book, Pedro reveals that just as there is a God…good and powerful…Creator of heaven and earth…loving…kind and just…there is an opposite force called the devil that wants to destroy all that is good. He exposes this in an extraordinarily simple way.

‘Crushing the Devil’ states, in layman’s terms, how the times we live in demand that we armor ourselves with His truth or we ourselves may be the ones crushed by the lies (via Satan) this world is constantly throwing at us.  Look around…we are living in a continuous battle for our soul. Even if we believe in Jesus; that He is our Lord and our savior, we are not exempt from severe attacks. Pedro, in this strong message, shows us how Satan is using all his formidable forces to capture our hearts and minds, and is trying to stop us at all cost from fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives. Using easily to remember Biblical truth and scripture Pedro gives us a detailed guide on how to protect and combat the evil one.

Quoting from his book to state my point, he says, “Every war has its own weapon….In the same way, God has provided you with a variety of spiritual weapons to enable you to fight and win the battle. Although God has preordained the outcome of the conflict in your favor, you must nonetheless make use of God’s supplies. To do otherwise is to leave you open to attack by the Enemy.”

‘Crushing the Devil’ should be our “HOW TO” guide on spiritual warfare. It should become our instruction manual on “HOW TO CRUSH THE DEVIL” because just as it did not take long after creation for the devil to show us his ugly face, until Jesus’ return he will continue to show his face. It is imperative for our Spiritual growth that we be on our constant guard.

In moments of spiritual attack I wholeheartedly recommend that you have this book at hand.  For this reason it’s not only a “must” read but a “must” in your permanent library. I highly recommend it! Personally, I am PASSING ON this book to loved ones. I truly believe it’s a great weapon to have in your Spiritual arsenal.

If you would like to know more of Pedro’s servant heart, meet him on Twitter @PedroOkoro.  Check out more about this amazing book at Deep River Books>>>




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