Book Review – “Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids? How Moralism Suffocates Grace”

Book Review – “Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids? How Moralism Suffocates Grace”

By Elsie Ruiz

The True Message of the Gospel is being Lost. Moralism is drowning the Gospel. Our to-do list for God is so big that His grace is being suffocated. Do we even really understand grace? Do we talk about it…read about it…teach it to our children…experience it? All questions answered in this new eye-opening book.

For a man who for most of his life literally “hated” to write, Sam Williamson certainly proved that he can capture an audience with the written word. From the moment I began to read this thought provoking book I was drawn into an “adventure” right along with him.

Let me explain. Sam Williamson tells of how when he began to write, writing became a tool of exploration. It also “became an adventure,” he says, “and words and syntax became the shovels and pickaxes of a treasure hunter.” Well, it must be why, then, I was so drawn from the start into his world and captivated by every word. He used his tools expertly.

In “Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids? How Moralism Suffocates Grace” Sam Williamson has found, no doubt, a buried treasure. In a world bombarded by books and movies filled with fantasy and treasures to be conquered the author has found a pot of gold.  A treasure which brings glory and honor to Almighty God!

The pot of gold? That we are teaching our children a confused message in our Bible Schools. One that may eventually drive them away from our churches…most importantly, from God! Could this truly be happening? Look around, we are becoming more secular each day. Our Gospel is being diluted. Aren’t we asking ourselves why our churches are emptying?

According to the writer, in Sunday School today the problem arises when in teaching the Bible emphasis is placed in moralism, which only teaches behavior.  No different from most religions which teach this same message. Instead, the emphasis should be placed on teaching the Gospel, which teaches God’s love first. “Our kids reject Christianity because they can’t distinguish it from morality.” he writes.

He uses as an example the way we portray to our children our great heroes of the Bible. Abraham, Samuel, David, Joseph, Esther and others are presented without fault. Flawless. Hard to measure up to. It is difficult then to show our children the true story of God’s grace towards these heroes who though immensely flawed were pursuit by His great love.

In no way is this book against teaching morality to our kids, on the contrary, but the message of the Gospel must be preached first, is Sam Williamson’s point. That Jesus did NOT come to preach morality but “He came to bring us a supernatural change in our heart. A rebirth.”

Ultimately the question we may all want to ask ourselves is  one that he himself raises. Do we want to raise a child that prays, “Thank you Lord that I am not like these other sinners.” or “Lord, have mercy on me a sinner.”

I close with a few question Sam Williamson answers brilliantly, “Why do we want our heroes to be better than they really are? Self-Reliance on Will Power or Relying in God? Are we biased when we read the Bible? How did Jesus interpret Scripture? And, have you ever asked yourself “What does Grace have to do with Morality?”

Don’t miss reading this eye opening book. Bring your own shovels and pickaxes because you will find yourself exploring within your own heart. Exploring in areas you may have never explored before. You will live an adventure you will not forget, finding nuggets of gold along the way. You will become a treasure hunter through a path that will lead you to your very own pot of gold.

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Elsie Ruiz

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