Collective Sundays 8/29/11 – 9/04/11


Don’t Make It About You 


by Katherine Russell

 Have you ever wondered why things seem to go awry when you are dead in the heat of doing God’s work? You are pouring all of your energy, resources into a project to help the homeless, feed the hungry, adopt the fatherless, encourage the widows and the lonely and find yourself frustrated?

This all sounds like the perfect will of God, doing the good works that He created you to do. He told us to let our light so shine that men could see our good works, that He might be glorified in heaven. (Matthew 5:16) But why do we find ourselves exhausted, out of ideas, and do not see the results we anticipated?

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Tough Times

by Kieron Rowe
Times have been tough for me these past few weeks. I’ve been to one job interview after another and I’ve been knocked back time and time again.
This week I was asked a question that really shook me. “Why have you done so much work for the Church?” I’m sure there are plenty of answers other people might offer, but there is only one truthful answer I can give. “Because I am a committed Christian.”
I didn’t get the job.

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Come As You Are



by Latasha Ransome

Many of us have heard the saying “come as you are” said at church.  To most this statement is nothing more than a confidence booster in one’s wardrobe. 

I too agree with that interpretation of that statement mainly because God is more interested in our souls than our attire when we attend church.

However, I also believe that this statement is also referring our lives spiritually.  Meaning that we can come to God “just as we are”.  No matter how good or bad that may be, simply because His love for us is unconditional and unfailing.  So even if we fail that doesn’t mean that His love for us has failed us. 

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Did You Notice


 by Arlene Wallis

For the past two days it has rained relentlesly in my area. You could almost hear the cries of people wondering when the sun was going to come out again. You would think that they would be happy for the break from relentless heat.

As I said my prayer on the way to picking up my daughter, I said thank you for the rain, the wind, the ability to see and feel all that you have created….Wow! Can it get any better? 

In the reading from Our Daily Bread today, it focused on Embroidery of Earth. Niagra Falls is not just beautiful but it holds beauty at every corner, even in the words on the plaque that state; “Enter,….

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Hallelujah – Video

A Cover of a beautiful Leonard Cohen song

Watch this awesome video here

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~ The Pastor’s Corner ~


Do You Balance Your Ego With




 by Barry Werner

 Humility is not a matter of a leader’s weakness or passivity, but it is disciplined strength and other-centered power. Read Matthew 3:11-14.

John the Baptist was a very powerful leader sent to call the people of Israel to repentance as he prepared the way for Jesus’ message. He lived in an arid region east of Jerusalem and was often found baptizing people in the Jordon River.

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World Prayr has chosen to be different, starting with teaching others that the pilgrimage all those who have been brought near to God are on is not one about our focusing on what we are doing, or focusing on our sin or anything we are not doing, but focusing on what Christ did in order for us to know transforming grace. We refer to this message as the gospel of grace. We then live this out as a ministry by serving others through counseling, prayer, and sound biblical teachings.

We also differ from most ministries in another key area, working to live out the message of Philippians 2:4 by aggressively promoting other ministries and churches. As a mission team, World Prayr is working to serve those who are disconnected to reconnect them, one soul at a time, to local bodies of believers.

We refer to our team as an “Ohana” made up of many nationalities spread across the globe and within the Protestant faith.

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