Faith………the kind that takes your breath away.

Faith………the kind that takes your breath away.

via Reece’s Rainbow

So right now, we are about 5 weeks away from meeting our daughter. The reality of that, literally takes my breath away and keeps me awake most nights lately.  I stay awake wondering, will she like me, will she understand what is going on, and who we are coming for her. Will she have any medical concerns I will need to tend to right away. Many questions and such overwhelming concerns at times. 

I cry also at night thinking how did I become so blessed to be mom to these incredible children God has given us. Isabella and Kolya have just grown so much in love and understanding of love and here I am lucky to be their mother. Tiffany and Brianna, are such wonderful big sisters to them also, and they too have shown so much love and understanding with them! I am a very blessed mother indeed!

FAITH…..that word alone, I will stand  and look at and think, No way do I have enough faith to complete this journey, but God showed me just tonight that I do! I have no earthly Idea where we are going to get the last $13,900 we need right now. I do not see it and I do not see a plan, but you know what I am doing inspite of my FEAR, my UNKNOWNS and my HOW IN THE WORLD  questions?!! I am emailing the NV asking for my GUZ number (part of the adoption process) so I can move forward and get my travel dates!

I am also filling out our POA paper I need to take with me to China, AND I am also applying for Brianna and I’s Entry Visa into China, God showed me, that is practicing FAITH…..I am still proceeding and moving forward with the thought that this WILL BE COMPLETED! If I did not have FAITH, I would just sit back and quit! I am not doing that!! I am wore out, beaten down, more so than any of the other adoptions and I am so ready for this journey to be over. I believe God has a plan and he has the steering wheel and directing our journey.

So as I sit here breathless and tired and no clue how this will be done, I am asking for prayer warriors! I believe in the power of prayer and I am asking for my family that you cover us in prayers from now until we are home with Emma. God still moves mountains, and he loves Emma far more than we ever could. Thank you for following our journey and just ask everyone you know to just pray for us, The Brook Family. Thank you so much!

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