Generosity Generates A Return – Always

Generosity Generates A Return – Always

By Patrick Badstibner

There is much said about our need for works and our need to live out our Salvation. In fact, the process of God transforming us from sin loving, God hating people to sin hating, God loving saints is a process known as sanctification, which is the ongoing act of our salvation. World Prayr believes so much in this that we do not take volunteers, only servants of God. Yet, it is not a focus on the law that invites such outward change, but a focus on how the law crushed and pressed on us and left us gasping for the air of grace.

The Driver Of Faithfulness

Faithfulness is not exhibited in how much of God’s law we get it right, because in truth as long as we live in this world there will be few moments in which we can say that we will ever do this perfectly with the right motivation, all of the time. No, our faithfulness is found in whether we are willing to live courageously,  risking everything on Jesus, enough to go through the journey attempting to be obedient and serving others while failing miserably.

Yet, continuing to move forward in spite of the pain that comes from radical failure. Resting in knowing that it is OK to fail, because in failure we discover the truth of 1 John 4:19, that the reason we love others and live obediently in the first place is that; “He first loved Us.”

This is where we see the truth that generosity given in love, always breeds a return. It is also true, that the greatest way in which we exhibit a lack of faithfulness, a lack of risking all for Jesus, is when we fail to be abundantly generous in the lives of others.

A Life Is Changed Through A Tip

There the fourteen year old knelt on the ground, having just cleaned out the area for his uncle and getting ready to place the decorative stone under the small palm, in order to finish the job for the customer. When the customer, the founder of Pierre Cardin would walk up and hand the young man $20.00.

The older gentleman as he reached out to place the money in the young man’s hands would simply say “Here is your tip for the day.” Looking back on that moment surely made an impact on the young man and as the young man got older, he never forgot the kindness and generosity shown him that day. Often leaving and giving tips far beyond what normally might be expected all because of that one moment, when as a young man someone had shown him great generosity.

God’s Generosity Changes

While it may be possible to grow in knowledge of doctrine and theology as it pertains to God, it will never be possible to grow in understanding of God, without also growing in one’s generosity. A miser rarely understands or comprehends the very basic nature of God which is generous grace.

For, in coming to understanding that God’s very nature, even His holiness is, but the very act of grace given. Undeniably to worship a God or a Saviour who is not holy, would indeed be to worship no God at all. So, even in His holiness we see God giving of His generous grace.

If grace is the most exhibited and main way in which God always deals with men, then such grace is constantly exhibited through His loving generosity for those same men or His children. So, in order for His children to exhibit the very nature of God to others then they too must be willing to be generous. This is, unquestionably, the greatest way in which man serves another.

Counting Pennies

Some would consider it a compliment to be called a penny-pincher, let the child of God should never consider such a compliment, that it creates deaf ear to the needs of others. When one pinches penny’s, at another’s expense, then it is also true that one has indeed stolen those pennies, not pinched them.

If it is within us to do good to someone else and we are too busy counting and registering our pennies at the expense of another’s needs, poverty or pain then we veritably may not only have broken the second greatest commandment, but also the first.

Real Motivation For Being Wise

That is not to say that we should be unwise with our money, for that would only keep us from being generous later on. It is to say though, that if we are digging up a backyard to bury our piggy banks, we may need to do less digging and more giving, in order to shore up treasures where they will be multiplied beyond our wildest dreams.

Yet, that should not be our motivation, because whether creating and burying treasure here or looking for truckloads of treasure in heaven, God’s generosity insists that we should never be seeking our best, but the best of others. We should make it a mission to not only consider our own affairs, but those affairs of others (Philippians 2:1-4).

Vertical Love, Drives Horizontal Love!  

Perhaps, that is why Christ said, that “when you do this for the least you do this for me. (Matthew 25:45)” There can be no better way of exhibiting that we are no free to serve others than ourselves, than through a heart of generosity. This heart of generosity best exhibits the vertical, horizontal relationship of loving grace.

As the love of God fills our heart to overflowing it cannot help, but pour out into the lives of others. As grace overwhelms us, it will definitely pour into the heart of others through the touch of our generosity into their lives.

It can never be stated strongly enough that our generosity is a direct reflection of our feelings and sentiment of the vertical relationship of God’s love for us. The more we believe it, the more it will affect our horizontal relationship with others.

In essence, we have just established the motivating and driving force for faithfulness. While God’s love expressed through the generosity of His grace is realized in our lives it creates a faithfulness that is expressed in making most of Him and lifting others to Him through our generosity.

John Wesley said, “It is possible to give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving.”

Today, want to move someone to you, change their heart towards you reach into their lives with the grace of generosity, but do it because you want them to know how deeply they are loved by God and you want to make most of God. Consequently, as you make most of God not only will you find it easier to increase in generosity, but your life will exhibit an overt joy.  


Pastor Pat lives in South Carolina with his wonderful wife Becky and has two grown daughters Jessica and Michaela. He retired as a nationally acclaimed award-winning landscape architect and landscape designer.

After a series of Job like trials that a pastor friend once said When people say they dont believe in Job, he replies, are YOU kidding me I know him personally.

Now he serves as the Executive Pastor of World Prayr which he considers to be his true calling to leadership..