God Loves the Underdog

God Loves the Underdog

By Mark Luker

God loves an underdog. Everyone loves the story of an underdog. You know, someone with the odds stacked against him or her but somehow they rise up to win – the classic Hollywood script. But if you think about it, we are all underdogs. If you are a Christian, you are already, by default, an underdog. If you choose to live a “good Christian life” you will be an underdog to the world. The only difference is that being a Christian means we are promised all the things we need to win the fight.

We are not only given the tools to win, we are promised we will win. Now I don’t know about you, but I think those are pretty good odds even if the world doesn’t think so. A football team can practice hard, and yet, cannot guarantee they will win the game. Jesus told us that no matter what rung of the ladder we may be hanging onto, if we believe, we will win. What does the bible say about those that are first will be last and those that are last will be first? Sounds like a classic underdog story to me.

Christ has warned us that the world will not love us if we follow him. We know the world can be a cruel place if you don’t “fit in.” Look what they did to Jesus…. you might say Jesus was an underdog because the very people he was here to save were throwing rocks at him, spitting on him, and then ultimately killed him-even at the time of his death, he was saving another underdog that the world was killing. King David is one of my favorite underdogs. God told him he would be king, however, before he became a great king or even a great general, he had to hide out in caves like an outlaw.

How would you like it if your boss told you he was going to promote you to manager but you had to be the janitor first? And you want to talk about being an underdog-how about that fight with Goliath? David was such an underdog that Goliath was offended that they would even send David to fight him. Yet, David won didn’t he? He wasn’t intimidated like others before him because he had the faith that he was on the winning side. Reading that story, I sense that David wasn’t much aware that he was the underdog-just that it was God’s will that he should win and that is all that mattered to him.

The world seems a little less intimidating when we are promised we will win if we just endure to the end. How many times have you seen someone rise above their circumstances to win against all odds while everyone predicted that he or she “didn’t have a chance.”? Then when they tell me the odds, my reaction is always, “well, you should have told them they weren’t supposed to win.” I love it when underdogs forget to lose.

We consider Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents and yet, his ideas were not popular with the world. His enemies considered him a buffoon not worthy of being president. He was an underdog. George Washington was an underdog during the American Revolution, and yet some wanted him to be king.

The bible is full of ordinary people that the world considered underdogs because they weren’t great, or rich, or powerful. Yet God chose them to do his work. Even when God chose Moses to lead his people out of bondage, Moses doubted his own abilities but God wanted him anyway. He was an underdog and just look at all the things he did…….

Look at Noah…do you think he was an underdog when he was warning about a flood to a laughing world? Would your neighbors laugh if you started building an ark in your back yard? But who was the underdog when it started raining? Or how about when Jesus talked with the woman at the well against the customs of the day…do you think she was an underdog? Or the leper that Jesus hugged before he healed him…What about that homeless man you saw today, do you think he is an underdog?

Who do you think Jesus would heal first if he saw a wealthy man and a homeless man at the same time? I wonder, if God loves an underdog, who are we not to?

Besides, isn’t it great to be an underdog when you know you win in the end?

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Mark Luker

lives in Oregon, USA with his wife Doris. Both are thrilled to be grandparents to daughter Shastas baby daughter, CharlieMae!

Mark says I have been redeemed by God and am blessed to be living in beautiful Sumpter, Oregon! God redeemed me from a stroke, waiting for his will and reasons why he wills me to live longer in this world.

Along with the Re Connection team, Mark has made a huge impact by serving in many capacities within World Prayr.

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