God’s Timing


God’s Timing

by Jessica Dixon


We all want things to happen quickly, rather than wait for the right moment when God says it is time. I am very guilty of this and I am one who runs out of patience quickly.  Patience isn’t one of my gifts and it’s something I am trying to work on.

As I’m writing this, God has spoken to my heart and has shown me His timing is perfect for everything that happens in my life, and His timing overrides  everything.

My husband and I have been unemployed and looking for jobs for quite some time. He was laid off from his previous job in May of this year. We have diligently searched for jobs in the state where we presently reside, without any luck.

God hasn’t opened any doors of opportunity for us here where we live.  And we “thought” He had opened up other doors for us where we least expected as we were offered job interviews in Florida.  We believed that He had opened doors for us by possibly getting employment there.

My husband and I left for the interviews last Friday.  On our drive there, we had a flat tire half way to Florida.  After fixing the tire, we decided to stop and spend the night.

While settling in for the night we were worried about the condition of the tires on the car.  We prayed for God’s divine direction and asked Him to reveal to us whether we were following His lead or not.

When we woke up the following morning, we found all four tires almost flat.  We took this as a sign from the King of Glory that it wasn’t His time yet.

As we turned around, we were concerned about not being able to be there to attend the job interviews.  Soon, our car started to make a funny noise, half way back to South Carolina, as we stopped in order to get something to eat. It was similar to the same noise we heard three weeks ago prior to leaving when the car engine went out.

We were not sure what was wrong with the engine, since we replaced the engine two days before we set out on our trip.  We had to stop at every exit on the way back home, in order to fill the tires with air and the engine with oil.

As we stopped for the final time to fill the tires with air and add oil, we were hit by a UHAUL truck.  To the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, there wasn’t much damage to our car. The driver of the UHAUL happened to be a Military Veteran.  My husband and I decided right there and then not to make a big scene.  Instead we allowed him to go on his way.  We felt that was the least we could do to honor him, for fighting and risking his life for our country and freedom.

As I share this with you today, I believe God is really testing my patience and my faith in Him.  He is letting me know that things are not going to happen in my time, but His time.

We serve a Mighty, Mighty God and He proved this to us.  We were able to reschedule the interviews for the end of the month.

Thank You Lord! You see, God has a reason for everything that happens in our lives. When things don’t work the way we expect, we should cultivate the habit of waiting on Him, until he fully manifests His plans for our lives. He is our all knowing and all seeing God. Praise Him!

HE knows the plans he has laid out for my husband and I and He also knows the plans He has laid out before you. TRUST IN HIM, FOR HE IS GOOD AT ALL TIMES!

If we had gone ahead with our trip and not turned back to go home we would never have been able to fix the car engine.

Our all knowing God knew what He was doing in our lives.

Sometimes as you are walking down the path of life, HE may stop you dead in your tracks for a reason you might not be able to see or understand at that moment. Yet in His time, He will show and reveal to you His plans.

Always know good things come to those who wait and never put a question mark where our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ has put a period.

He gives us a reason for every test, trial and bump in our path.

There is a time and place for everything.

Instead of rushing and not having patience, learn to put your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior, for He will never steer you to the wrong path.

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World Prayr has chosen to be different, starting with teaching others that the pilgrimage all those who have been brought near to God are on is not one about our focusing on what we are doing, or focusing on our sin or anything we are not doing, but focusing on what Christ did in order for us to know transforming grace. We refer to this message as the gospel of grace. We then live this out as a ministry by serving others through counseling, prayer, and sound biblical teachings.

We also differ from most ministries in another key area, working to live out the message of Philippians 2:4 by aggressively promoting other ministries and churches. As a mission team, World Prayr is working to serve those who are disconnected to reconnect them, one soul at a time, to local bodies of believers.

We refer to our team as an “Ohana” made up of many nationalities spread across the globe and within the Protestant faith.

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