It’s Amazing

We must remind ourselves that Gods grace and mercy is sufficient, and it will provide us all we need to succeed. Katherine Russell @Onassignment  reminds us that we should treat one another with unconditional love and respect. Please take the time to follow Katherine on twitter and read some more of her amazing post […]

Transformer IV ~ Here Comes the Judge

The Bible teaches us to “Judge Not”, therefore we should not judge others.  Bob Parr @BobParr_FQI delivers a powerful message on the topic of Judgment. He reminds us that  God is not to be mocked and when we judge others, we to will be judged. Please take a moment to follow Bob on twitter […]

Seed Planting and The Harvest

As believers, we can plant the seed of God’s Word “upon the ones who He puts in our path.” Dora Perry @ seedplanter11 offers guidance in becoming good seed planters who would lead others into a strong relationship with God wherever their seed was planted. Seed Planting and The Harvest As I look at the world […]