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    [Translate] UNEXPECTED LOVE By Chad West God’s unmerited loved is the only motivation for real change. But it doesn’t guarantee change, and that scares us. So we hold on to the false safety of the lie that being good is the Good News. But, real love—grace-inspired love—that’s the stuff. It doesn’t follow any outlines or logic […]

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  • “Ponderings”


    [Translate] “Ponderings” By Lee Moseley “Eve is a testimony of God’s grace. She chose treason, was judged and cursed. God in the process, choose grace; like with us, no matter the case. Today is a brief moment, as a grain of sand in eternity’s hourglass. May we look forward to that day when all will […]

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  • You are Forgiven!


    [Translate] You are Forgiven! by Kimm Crandall There is something so sacredly beautiful in the announcement of forgiveness. Just three words alone, “You are forgiven” can unbind a burdened conscience, restore a broken relationship, and free a troubled soul. As my pastor says, “Forgiveness is the very air we breathe.” Without forgiveness all we have is […]