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  • When Jesus is ENOUGH,


    [Translate] When Jesus is ENOUGH, By Dave McCarty a believer has no fear of failure, of losing everything, of being pitied by all for being a loser/nobody who strove for excellence, but failed.  When Jesus is ENOUGH, a believer lives and loves with reckless abandon.  Uninhibited.  FREE.  Bold.  Fearless.  Humble.  Optimal performance. When Jesus is […]

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  • The Troubled Soul and the Instructed Mind


    [Translate] The Troubled Soul and the Instructed Mind by Joseph Franks How is your soul troubled? Have you a family member plagued by some disease or disability? Has death visited you and your household? Are you grieved by the backslidden condition of yourself, your children, your siblings, your parents, your neighbors, or your nation? Is your marriage horrible? Is your […]