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    [Translate] “Ponderings” By Lee Moseley “Eve is a testimony of God’s grace. She chose treason, was judged and cursed. God in the process, choose grace; like with us, no matter the case. Today is a brief moment, as a grain of sand in eternity’s hourglass. May we look forward to that day when all will […]

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  • You are Forgiven!


    [Translate] You are Forgiven! by Kimm Crandall There is something so sacredly beautiful in the announcement of forgiveness. Just three words alone, “You are forgiven” can unbind a burdened conscience, restore a broken relationship, and free a troubled soul. As my pastor says, “Forgiveness is the very air we breathe.” Without forgiveness all we have is […]

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    [Translate] THE FIRST THREE ROWS By Chad West As a Christian, we can’t quite bridge the divide between sharing our faith and living it. It’s like a playwright wondering if advertising for actors to be in his play is as important as putting it on. James get a bad rap as a theological wet blanket, […]