Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

By Jessica Dixon


My dad isn’t perfect but he’s always been there for my sister and I.

He has taught us our morals and self respect and has given us an example to follow.

He isn’t perfect by far but none of us are.

My dad has taught me the true meaning of a fighter and has shown me that I can overcome anything. I know that without a doubt that a part of me is who I am because of him today. I gotta give my mom some credit – lol. I am so thankful for the life lessons that he has taught me.  He truly is my superman.

I know that some of you are missing your father this Fathers day or do not have a father to experience Fathers day with… but wait you do… His name is God and we also call Him Abba Daddy. Man what a wonderful feeling to know that the creator of the universe is our Daddy!

I appreciate my dad because we both fight different forms of disabilities, but it is something I believe God has allowed us to have in common so that he is able to learn from me and I from him and I think we share that special bond. I know that my dad loves me with an unconditional love just like our God loves us.

Just remember there isn’t anything we can do to make our Abba Daddy stop loving us.  So as others celebrate Father’s day and you don’t have anyone to wish a Happy Father’s day to, take the time out of your day and spend some time with your Abba Daddy He wants that time with you.

To my dad – Daddy – Happy Father’s day, I love you and by the way I am proud to be your twin!


Jessica Dixon

lives in South Carolina, USA with her husband Brian.

She is not only a gifted writer but has had a great impact and helping hand in many areas of World Prayr.

From the beginning she has served with love, dedication, diligence and a pure servants heart. She is living proof that the Lord brings His own, each one with an integral unique gift, together as one to be a strong team of servants in Him.

Live for today, Pray for tomorrow