Hard to Reach

Hard to Reach

From a Pioneer in Peru


The churches have no pastors and the church leaders have no training. In a remote area of Peru many have a passion for Christ, but they need someone to teach them and show them how to lead.

A Pioneers team accepted the challenge to train the future leaders of churches in an area that is all but forgotten. Most of the people are simple farmers with a basic education. For many, working is more important than staying in school. Others only have access to elementary school education. Some can read, though others cannot. But they retain the material they hear and can answer questions about the material presented in the courses.

Juan* is an intelligent 20-year-old who loves Jesus. He is a leader in a church that has no pastor. He is one of 16 people who is attending the training for people in remote village. The training he receives will help him to be a future leader in his remote village

Didi* is the only woman in the training group, and she makes the biggest sacrifice to get there. She comes from a remote village Pioneers visited only once. 
She walks at least four hours to reach the road, and from there she hitches a ride on the back of a potato truck for three hours.  She is smart, dedicated and excited to have the opportunity to learn about the life of Christ.

The team longs to create a training chain of students becoming teachers. Disciples training new disciples. First they will finish teaching these 16, then those 16 will train the people in their respective villages. Each will be able to pass on the core message of what they learn. This method of training provides an opportunity for everyone who wants to learn about Christ, and helps them pass it forward.

Please join this Pioneers team in prayer as they seek to train the people of Peru located in such hard-to-reach places.

* Names have been changed for security purposes.

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For more than 35 years, Pioneers passion has been to see God glorified among those who are physically and spiritually isolated from the gospel of Jesus Christ—from Muslim bedouins in the deserts of North Africa and animist villagers in the jungles of South America to secular humanists in Eastern Europe and middle-class Buddhist urbanites in the sprawling cities of East Asia.

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