Have You Found Yourself…

— Being tempted to change an establish standard for personal gain?

Written by Barry-Werner

God-honoring leadership requires basic integrity or it will not be sustained. Read Hosea 5 focusing on verse 10.

Through Hosea God was pronouncing judgment on the people in the Northern Kingdom. In chapter five, He focused on the failure of the leaders in their assignment to live a positive example of integrity before the people. In verse 10, God condemns the leaders of the tribe of Judah for emulating the actions of the Northern Kingdom by moving the boundary stones.

Boundary stones were legal markers placed generations earlier to identify property lines for each family’s God-given plot of land. These defined boundaries were not to be moved because they helped protect the inheritance of widows and orphans when something happened to the head of the family.

The nation’s leaders could not be trusted to keep the most established rules of society. The boundary markers were not part of some complex cosmic question that could have confused the leaders concerning integrity but a basic element in the culture where integral actions had been established for generations.

The leaders in Israel did not have the basic instincts to posses or adhere to high moral principles or professional standards. Hosea condemned Israel’s leaders for their basic lack of integrity when they used their position and power to move the boundary stones for their personal greed.

Every nation, organization, and family has God-honoring boundary stones, even if they are called by another name, that leaders must be trusted to maintain.

These are basic core truths that have been established by a constitution, or some societal standard or law that puts boundaries around stated truths and acceptable behavior. When leaders do not have the basic integrity to oversee these core elements, according to Hosea, they are subject to God’s wrath.

Have you found yourself being tempted to change an establish standard, even ever so slightly, for personal gain?

The people in ancient Israel did not remove the established boundary stones but only moved them a little so no one would really notice unless they were paying close attention.

Temptation to change an established core truth isn’t the problem, every leader faces temptation; it is the unrepentant act of changing the standard that gets a leader into trouble.

For the Christian leader, integrity involves living by the moral standards of integrity established in the Bible for the approval of one Judge. Wise God-honoring leaders demonstrate integrity, even in the basics of their leadership assignment.

Barry Werner lives in Harrison, AR, USA

He is a Biblical Leadership enthusiast, former Marine, husband, father and grandfather desiring to finish well.  Serves with Bibles for China Ministry.

Barry is on twitter @BarryWerner

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