By Katherine Russell

How does it happen? We know Jesus, we know the Word, we have walked in the power of His Holy Spirit, then one day we find ourselves on the outside looking in! Did it happen all at once? Did we not see it coming? Can we ever find our way back?

Sometimes it comes through an injury, delivered by someone we loved and trusted; sometimes through our own neglect, pride. We can’t forgive them and we can’t forgive ourselves. And then the true enemy begins to reveal himself, and make it personal, as he speaks to us regarding: all the time you have wasted; how could they have done this to you?; you deserve better than this?; what has this life ever gotten you but grief?; where was God when you needed him?; you have been a fool! And then, as you continue to allow him to speak to you, he convinces you that God is not who He claims to be and how could you ever hope that He would ever want you or use you again!

All of this takes place on the battlefield of your mind. Now is the time to stop the enemy with the Word of God. All of these things happened to Jesus but He used the Word of God on the enemy. No matter what you have done, no matter what you have thought, even denying that God exists, you do know the Truth!

God had no illusions about you when He called you. Do you think this day was a surprise to Him? He knew the roads you would take and the twists and turns you would be confronted with but He still called you anyway.

Your gift and calling is without repentance. Turn back to Him and repent. He is faithful and just to forgive you and you must forgive yourself. Who do we think we are in believing that we can’t be forgiven? Is anything too hard for God? The Word is in you and you will never be able to expunge it from your spirit. God knows the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. That’s why Jesus came here, in the form of a man, and suffered every temptation that is common to man, yet He sinned not. He gets it, beloved!

Don’t let the enemy win! You are still a King and a Priest! Do not give your Authority away!

He is not mad at you and He is waiting for you to turn and say, “I’m sorry! Help me!

Katherine Russell

lives in Oklahoma, USA, is retired from Kennewick, WA, General Hospital, loves spending time with her children and grandchildren.

She has been a very important part of the beginning framework of World Prayr, inc, which helped forge the way to the global ministry and outreach it is today.

Katherines humble, servant heart and diligence in serving the Lord and others has made a HUGE impact and at the same time raised the bar in how the team and ministry strives to be.

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