He Said Yes!

He Said Yes!

By Lynn Cowell

Yesterday we talked about the simple door opener for sharing Christ: “How can I pray for you?”

I wrote that post last Wednesday when my family was in the middle of having some repairs made in our back yard. As the workers sweated away in the back yard, I typed in my office, happy in my air conditioning. I finished my post, writing this challenge: “Today, let’s you and I look for someone who needs our prayers.”

Looking out in the yard, I noticed a worker I hadn’t seen before; someone from a different company so I headed out.

That’s when I struck up a conversation with Jimmy.

Jimmy has not lived in Charlotte long. In fact, when he first moved here, he didn’t really like it; wanted to move back to where he was from. But he stuck it out. We dialoged for a few moments about the differences in the South and where we both were from and then I began to have that nagging, “I’ve got to get back to work” feeling. That’s when I felt that first nudge:

Pay attention to the person in front of you.

I decided to spend a few more moments listening to Jimmy.

After heading inside, I located my checkbook. As I began writing my check, I noticed my pen. My pen from my church. (I go to a church that encourages us to steal the pens!)

Ask Jimmy to church came my second nudge.

Ever take a spiritual gifts test? I have and evangelism isn’t one of them. I know asking someone to church and sharing the gospel are not the same thing, but I get scared doing both! I told God, “I’ll ask Jimmy to church if I see him again.” 

When I looked out in my backyard, there was no Jimmy to be seen.

I’m sorry to say I felt relieved. I didn’t have to do the scary thing. As I walked through my back door, my eyes looked through my house, all the way out the front door.

There stood Jimmy; finishing packing up.

You can see Jimmy. More nudges.

I had to obey.

Heading down my drive, I decided to act like I was getting my mail. I actually was. When I reached the mailbox, Jimmy was busy talking to another worker.

He’s tied up, Lord.” I thought as I grabbed my mail and prepared to head up the drive.

You saw Jimmy. I felt Him pointing out.

The Lord wasn’t letting me off the hook. I meandered over toward the workers. Feeling completely awkward, I joined the conversation until the other worker left. That’s when I started a new conversation, “Jimmy, you said you were new here. Have you found a church because you should check out mine?” and I handed him my pen.

Jimmy looked down at the pen and then looked up at me. I knew he wanted to say something. Honestly, I was so afraid of what would happen next.

What happened next was Jimmy poured out his heart. I shared with him how good God was and it would help him to find a group of guys to go through life with.

After a few minutes, I again tried to button things up so I could get back to work.

But you didn’t pray for Jimmy. I felt in my spirit.

“Here, Lord? In the middle of my cul-de-sac? What if my neighbors see me and wonder what I am doing talking to man?” I quickly prayed (or was that called reasoned).

That’s for me to deal with. I felt Him reassure me.

So, I simply said to Jimmy: “Can I pray for you?”

He said, “Yes!”

And then I did my best to pray the most unchristianese (I know that is not a word) prayer I have ever prayed, beginning with: “God, sometimes life can be stinky ….”

Yep, that is what I said: life can be stinky.

After I prayed, Jimmy looked up and said, “God is here. Right here! That was the most powerful prayer I have ever heard!”

Friends, I tell you this not to boast whatsoever except to boast in God. He is so amazing!

If we simply make ourselves available, He will show up.

Even in our cul-de-sac!


is a Proverbs 31 speaker and the author of several books including “Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants”.

Lynn helps set girls and women on the path toward wise choices by leading them to the only love that can fill the love gap in their hearts.

Her husband and their three kids live in North Carolina where they love hiking, rafting and anything combining chocolate and peanut butter.

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