I love

I love

By Shasta Monet


This morning I woke up and right off the bat I felt the weight of everything on my chest.

But then I heard a quiet whisper..don’t look at the things that are dark. Look at the things that bring light..things that you love. For I AM in these things. All of them.

So here it goes..

I love my morning routine. Charlie goes back to sleep in my bed and I get up and have my coffee time. I love seeing her sleep so cozy in my bed. She looks peaceful, safe, warm. That makes my heart so happy.


I love new smelling candles. Looks beautiful in my new bird holder. I love that it makes my home smell yummy. Cozy

I love seeing my dried flowers every morning when I am making my coffee. Looks like normal dry flowers. But these represent something for me. They were the first flowers I bought in my new home. Reminds me of His promises and that they are beautiful and true.

I love that the morning sun comes right into my living room. I love that this morning its warm enough to open up my window and let fresh air in. I love hearing all the birds and animals making morning noise. Reminds me that today is a NEW day. The Word says His mercies are new everyday. Thank God

I LOVE my Bible. I honestly have no idea what I would do without the Word. It has become my breathe of fresh air so much. Those moments when I feel so lost..and happen to read a verse that fits exactly what I need. Ah so amazing. This Bible particularly means a lot to me. So thankful that I live in a country where I can have not just one Bible but how many I want. Lord help me to never forget how blessed I am to have the freedom of reading the Bible in my own home. And not just a page but the whole Bible.


I love my journal. More exact..I love a blank page and a new pen. Speaks promise to me. That things can be new. It reminds me that no matter what it looks like around me..or what I think is going to happen..things can always change. Lately I have been trying to remind myself that it just takes a day. Things can change in a matter of a day. So thankful that I can write. Writing is my release. So often my mind works so fast and holds so many thoughts..I get overwhelmed. If I didn’t have a journal to write in..I’m afraid my mind would be lost. I love that I love to write

I love coffee. I know it seems like a silly thing to love so much. But besides enjoying the taste of coffee. Coffee means a lot to me. I have so many good memories from it. Sounds silly to some I’m sure but I have experienced God’s love so many times just from a yummy cup of coffee. When I felt broken and alone..and randomly someone brings me a coffee. Or when I feel overwhelmed and stressed as a mommy..taking the first sip of a hot cup of coffee in my comfy chair..in the dark morning in my living room alone..is like a fresh breathe of air. I’m so thankful that I serve a God who loves outside of the norm. That He knows how much I love coffee and He uses that to speak to me. I don’t know about you..but that speaks personal and intimate to me. I love it


I love flowers. Even more so..I love buying flowers for myself. I love that I am confident enough to not be ashamed by spoiling myself. I don’t need a man to spoil me. One day I will enjoy it. But for now I am enjoying courting myself. Loving on myself. I learned that from my beautiful momma.

I love worship music. I love that I have the freedom to play music. To worship with it. So often I have no words to how I am feeling cause I feel so much. In those times music is the only thing that makes sense. I am so thankful for music. To have it speak for me when I feel like I can’t. To dance to it. To cry with it. To shout prayers a long side. Love it

Is. 64:8- But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.

Its interesting how I start listing things I love..and how easily it turned into thankfulness. Thankfulness is a weapon. A good weapon. It fights off depression, fear and worry. I think cause it reminds us what we have. Takes our focus off of what’s going on around us. Puts it back on God.

I am so thankful I am not alone. That I don’t serve a God that is a statue. A God who is only a story or legend. That my God is real and alive. He is moving. He isn’t a law but life. He knows me. He knows every detail of my life. He sees my heart. I love that He speaks to me in a way that I can understand. Rather that’s coffee or new pens. He loves me for me.

I can do today. I am just focusing on today. I am choosing joy for today. Not looking to tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of its self. I am looking at today. Believing for things today. New things to happen.

Today is a hard day for my family. May I be love when I don’t feel love. Love is love and its real.

I LOVE by Shasta>>>


Shasta Monet

lives in Oregon, USA with her daughter, CharlieMae and loves being a mom.

I am in love with Jesus Christ my Savior and will not give an offering to my Lord that costs me nothing….

I live by my heart as most would say. This brings alot of blessings and some not so blessings.

I just love life, love people, crazy dancing in Walmart. Rainy days on the Coast. Colors. Coffee. Music. Photography. Want to live my life full of love for God, myself and others.

The living must die so that the dying may live ~ Max Lucado

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