Into The Light

Into The Light

By Power of Purity

In this session you’ll discover why the light of God is so important to sexual healing and wholeness. It’s in the light of God that we find God’s truth, power, healing, and redemption – in short, we find God himself! Discover why the light of God is so powerful, what it means to come into the light, and the surprising resource that is already within your reach that will greatly increase the possibility of your sexual health, wholeness, and healing.



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Power of Purity is a ministry proclaiming the message of sexual purity throughout the 26 prisons of the Missouri State Prison System.

Tony Ingrassia founded the ministry based on his own struggles and now as a Licensed Professional Counselor he brings the truths that brought delivery for himself to other men.

They have a wonderful three book offering, that they have developed to further the message of purity. Which you can find on their website 3-Book Set

Listen to the Power of Purity Podcasts at Also available on itunes and Stitcher

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