By Elsie Ruiz

Each prayer we think unanswered,
Each time we feel God left,
A richer life awaits us
Who hold to blessed faith.
His NO might seem unfair,
His silence, oh, so cruel.
But has He ever stopped the morning sun
Being followed by the moon?
His promise is eternal.
His Word is truth and light.
A lamp unto our feet, He is,
And a light unto our path.
When God gives us a Yes,
Rejoice it is His will.
Pour love and pour thanksgiving 
On Him who died for us.
When God gives us an answer,
And His answer is a NO,
In ALL there is a blessing…
It is so…It is so…In His NO.

Elsie Ruiz

As a leader In World Prayr, Elsie has raised the bar in what it means to be a true servant of the King of Kings, serving others unselfishly within the will of God, as His messenger.

Many are blessed as she prayerfully authors encouraging daily scriptural insights for each day of the week in #mydailyprayr on @worldprayr twitter.

Elsie is the Founder of Shepherd’s Way International, Inc. which was established with the mission to feed His sheep, in the manner of the Good Shepherd. It reaches out to those in need while developing novel products intended to be the source of their fundraising. Proceeds are poured into the coffers of other like minded organizations, churches, institutions and individuals in the hopes of fortifying their humanitarian services.

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