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  • What a Savior!!!


    What a Savior!!! He was beaten and pierced for our sins on Calvary,

    and we didn’t ask him to do this . He did it because He loves us that

    much and then three days later he rose again just like he said he

    would WOW!!! What a feeling we have knowing that we are forgiven

    of all our sins and unrighteousness.

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  • Behold Your God Israel

    [Translate]   A Video Blessing from Jews for Jesus   “Behold Your God Israel” httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyBSjJWmACs   If you are prayerfully led to support this wonderful Ministry know that you will be supporting a Great Kingdom Building effort You can donate at: https://secure.jewsforjesus.org/jfjonline/donate/donation.htm?nav1

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  • That Same Spirit

    [Translate]   Written by Katherine Russell   It is such a beautiful time of the year!. Trees and grass are beginning to turn green, red buds and dogwoods are blooming in the midst of a forest of bare limbs, and the crocus are pushing their way above ground to share their beautiful, purple blooms with […]