Collective Sundays 8/22/11 – 8/28/11

Collective Sundays  8/22/11 – 8/28/11       Transforming Your Sub-Divisions by Freedom Quest International   A Sub-Divided Life     Many people subconsciously organize their lives into categories. We see this clearly in statements like T.G.I.F. (Thank God it’s Friday)! We have our work-week and then we have our week-end. Two very clear divisions. Subsequently within […]

The Power of Brotherly Love!

Please take the time to follow Arlene on twitter and read some more of her amazing post on her blog titled “Tuacadoll” The Power Of Brotherly Love! My meditation this week brought me to Paul and Barnabas.  They shared love in Christ and came to a disagreement over whether or not a single […]