Book Review – “Life of Luther”

 Book Review by Lucas


Here I stand and cannot do otherwise.  God be my help.

Dr. Martin Luther


This is not a work of fiction……this is a true story of one man’s convictions and loyalty to God and the courage he had to not only stand for God’s word..but to do what was necessary to ensure all men would be allowed to read it as well.

The amazing thing about Dr. Martin Luther, that I learned from reading this book, is that at the time of his humble beginnings as a Monk in a convent, he was part of a church that was fast on it’s way to actually banishing the word of God from it’s religion!

If you do not have a true knowledge of Dr. Martin Luther, you will learn many things about this simple, yet very interesting man that you may not have previously known, and even if you think you know all about this man….this book may surprise you about just how much you really do know about this man of God!

The one thing that stands out to me after reading this book, was that “he was not a man of policy or calculation, but a true-hearted, conscientious man, a man of principle, whose great power consisted in doing right without regard to consequences.”

Even though Dr. Martin Luther did not actually lose his life as a martyr, his faith drove him to risk his “life and liberty in defense of God’s word,” and that is why you and I are able to have so many translations of the bible….or to even be able to read God’s word at all!

Reading this book will aquaint you with a man whose extensive education in religion opened his eyes to how corrupt the church was and led him to the knowledge that he had to do what ever he could to expose those who were keeping God’s word from the people.

You and I may take our freedom of religion a bit for granted…..but can you imagine a time where people had to “pay” in order to receive blessings from the church? Can you comprehend having to make a choice between God’s blessings or food? Can you even consider a church that didn’t think the average person even had a “right” to know what God intended for us all to know?  Kind of sounds familiar to me……

While reading the Life of Luther, you will come to understand that Dr. Martin Luther was able to stand up to a very powerful church, and do great things that cost many others their life…because of a very simple belief that he held in his heart:  “Christ liveth, and I can do nothing, because I possess nothing.”

You can read this book to learn all about “Indulgences” and how they were keeping man between the common people and God….you may even find things you recognize about how many churches operate even 600 years later…..want to know how Dr. Martin Luther fought against these indulgences?  Just read this book!

It has been centuries since Dr. Martin Luther led the couragous battle to reformation….but I found many eerie similarities with modern churches of today in the story of this man and I wonder……if alive today, would Dr. Martin Luther have fight the same things all over again?

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