• Encouragement
  • Agape Love

    [Translate] Please take the time to follow Becca on twitter http://twitter.com/EpitomeOfSass read some more of her posts on her blog titled “Thoughts and Reflections of a Beautiful Soul” http://epitomeofsass.blogspot.com/ Agape Love Love is Patient..Love is unselfish….it’s not Boastful, nor is it proud…. This love is not a product of human thoughts or emotions. This love […]

  • Faith
  • Who Was it……?

    [Translate] When God moves, He moves…. with out thought or hesitation. Chris Bennett @Cgbrofmi shares an awe inspiring post about a most recent experience that has occurred in his life. He reminds us of the power of God’s love for us and how he trusts God whole-heartily. Please take the time to follow Chris on […]

  • marriage
  • GOSH I Love My Husband!

    [Translate] The Love of Christ takes on many forms. One of it’s greatest forms is familyhood. In these times when we hear so much about broken marriages and “bad” husbands, it’s empowering to hear Jesus is our Rock. From Kat Robertson @katjrobertson we are encouraged, if we build our house upon His Rock, our house will stand. […]