Oh 2016

Oh 2016

By Shasta Monet

This morning as I sat down to do my annual end of the year journaling, I couldn’t help but just sit and cry for awhile. Not all because of it being bad, but more our of a heart that is truly thankful.

Going back over what I felt was going to happen for this year, I feel so thankful

This year was really hard

I am sure most everyone can agree

From a personal point, as a mother, a daughter, a friend, a student, an american citizen..it was all hard

However, I wrote on Jan 1st how I wanted this year to show me who I was

Boy did God do that

Through circumstances, situations, hard times..comes truth

I can say a year later, I am standing here more confident than I have ever felt before

To be able to share with a friend my testimony over the last 15 years of my life…and see how much I truly HAVE grown

The Lord never says it will be easy. Have you heard that statement before? I have and I believe it. It is too easy for myself to say ‘what the heck Lord’ why would He want me to go through this if He really loved me? Then trying to share with people I love who are also asking the same question..I have learned this year all I can say is this simple fact.. God is God

He is the I AM

Only He is..not me

True faith is intimate

So intimate

It is saying that no matter what, no matter if I understand or even enjoy it

I am going to choose Him

He is GoD

I am not

It truly is a sacrifice to lay down emotions, fears, worries, questions, anger etc..and say ‘Ok Lord, I trust that you are ALWAYS for me and You love me

Today I can say I know myself more than I ever have

I am also more confident then I have ever been before

For that I am truly thankful

Last year, God gave me this verse..

I led them with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them

This year, it was spent having many moments with the Lord where I needed Him to bend down and feed me, and that He did.

CharlieMae turned 2 this year

She really has become her own little person

Toddler bed

Almost out of diapers

Feeding self

Doing chores

Worshiping at Church


This year I became the Publicity leader at MOPS

Got to help put on events

Made new friends

Strengthen older ones

CharlieMae made new friends


Over all..this year was pretty amazing and have TOO many memories to post about..

To all of my friends, family and loved ones…Thank you for 2016!  Onward to 2017!!!!

Shasta Monet

lives in Oregon, USA with her daughter, CharlieMae and loves being a mom.

I am in love with Jesus Christ my Savior and will not give an offering to my Lord that costs me nothing….

I live by my heart as most would say. This brings alot of blessings and some not so blessings.

I just love life, love people, crazy dancing in Walmart. Rainy days on the Coast. Colors. Coffee. Music. Photography. Want to live my life full of love for God, myself and others.

The living must die so that the dying may live ~ Max Lucado

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