Passionate Son

What are some things that you are passionate in your life? Bob Parr @BobParr_FQI challenges us to see if we are passionate or passionless. He reminds us that Jesus was passionate about teaching, preaching, healing and to fulfill the purpose of God the Father for His life.

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Passionate Son


  • What is it in your life that makes you “pound the table” with great intensity?
  • Or is there anything?

Passionate or Passionless?

Jesus passionately took action to preach, teach, heal, raise the dead, and even  suffer emotionally and physically unto death. He was passionate to fulfill the purpose of God the Father for His life! I am not saying He had a smile on His face as the soldiers whipped, beat and humiliated Him, but inside His heart, He was passionate to complete the destiny His Father had spoken into Him – His life for ours.

Jesus heard His Fathers voice because of the intimate relationship He shared with His Father.

John 5:19 (NKJV) Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.”

Our fathers are to speak destiny into us. So, did yours?

Generally, we all experience highs and lows emotionally throughout our lives. This is partially due to the fact that our lives are made up of a series of transitions; Like Jesus, some exciting, adventurous, and fun, while  others are  painful, unpleasant, and draining. Without purpose, it’s all but impossible to be passionate in the midst of an unpleasant transition. Again, Jesus was not without purpose! How about you?

Passionate or Passionless?

Passion always precedes action that accomplishes great things! The lack of passion produces mediocrity, with an anemic contentment for life. You are called to great things, that is… your destiny. When you begin to hear your destiny spoken from a father- figure, you will become passionate and that will activate your destiny call to greatness.

If you are “unmoved by feeling” or passionless, perhaps your earthly father couldn’t or didn’t speak destiny into you, or maybe like me, you closed your heart to hear anything from him. Regardless of the why, are you ready to tear down the walls, and open your heart to fathering? Maybe you have closed yourself off to other authority figures that saw your potential, but sensed your resistance.

What better time than Fathers Day week to sow freedom into your relationship with the father-figure/s in your life! If you are ready to become that passionate son/daughter… read this prayer out loud with me.
“Heavenly Father, I acknowledge my emotional wounding that has hindered my ability to feel passion. I am choosing right now to forgive ___________ (say their name/s) for not speaking destiny into me. I ask your forgiveness for closing my heart to dad and/or other authority figures in my life. By faith, I believe I am forgiven, and I ask Father that you would open my spiritual ears to hear you everyday concerning the plans (Jeremiah 29:11) that you have for me.

In Jesus name I pray… Amen!”

You are destined to greatness by Almighty God!

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