By Lee Moseley

“Eve is a testimony of God’s grace. She chose treason, was judged and cursed. God in the process, choose grace; like with us, no matter the case. Today is a brief moment, as a grain of sand in eternity’s hourglass. May we look forward to that day when all will be over, and we will be with Him in those sands of eternal time.”

“We live seeing much, but all point to death or deliverance. Life on earth will soon pass. May we be reminded of what lies ahead and point others in that same direction. There is no life God created that is not unique, filled with experiences. In the midst of each, all points us to Jesus, our Lord and our redeemer. Last night, my faith was renewed at a banquet of a family of Christians. There I felt joy as a part of the whole, and experienced being a member of His great kingdom.”

“God works in two worlds: the physical and spiritual. In the process, He is working all things for our good and His glory. Our faith is realized in the fact that God works in both. He is at work in the temporal and eternal realm at the same time, running side by side for His Glory and our good.”

“It does not matter how grim or how bad the situation may seem, even if it seems impossible to you, ‘As you turn your heart toward God, you begin to notice change’ (Rob Buck). It matters not how bad the situation but that our God has a plan we can’t imagine; a plan so great, that in the end we say, ‘It has been worth it all. He has a sense of humor. If we would think of how he created us and plans to use us in redemption, we might start to laugh. Comical? Think about it.”

“When we’re walking with God in the light of his love, blessings meet us along life’s way. Reach out and trust God to meet your needs as you are part of His plan.Suffering is part of the Christian walk, not only do we believe on Christ but we also suffer with Him daily. It is often the instrument of growth and God’s glory in this world of need.”

“God’s love is always here. Prevailing prayer brings new horizons, situations don’t change, but the way we see them does. What sin makes ugly, He is able to make things new again. We must always remember that where there are dark nights there are also days of sunshine to follow.”

Lee Moseley

former pastor involved in ministry for the past 40 years. Author, teacher and speaker as well as the founder of One on One Ministries. Resides in South Carolina with his wife and children.

The vision of One on One is reaching the world for Jesus Christ one person at a time through confidential meetings that engage and encourage believers to do the same. Check out One on One Ministries at http://oneononeministries.net

Lee has written several books, available on Amazon. Two of which are:
One-On-One Evangelism: How to Make Friends for Jesus AND One-on-One for Husbands: Questions Men Ask about Marriage.

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