Trust and Obey

He explores eight aspects of Christian discipleship which are too often neglected and yet deserve to be taken seriously. Here, including the last public sermon he ever preached, Stott offers wisdom gained from a lifetime of consistent Christian commitment. In addition, he poignantly reflects on his last years of life and ministry.

Bible Distribution in Rural China

For over five decades the Chinese government collected and destroyed Bibles in mainland China. They were very good at their job and virtually every Bible was removed from the nation. In America we talk about the damage it has caused to take prayer out of our public schools, can you even imagine the effect on a nation of 1.3 billion people when the Word of God is completely removed from the hands of the people in the entire nation. To Chinese Christians the Bible is a very precious commodity.

It is estimated that there are over 100 Million Christians in China. It is also estimated that nearly 30,000 people come to Christ every day with 70% of the new converts coming in the rural areas of China. In a decade China could be the largest Christian nation in the world. If the largest Christian nation in the world does not have the Word of God, Christianity worldwide runs the risk of becoming a mile wide but with their knowledge of God only one inch deep.

Your back’s shadow

Please take the time and follow Michael on twitter and read some more of his amazing post on his website titled “Soul Supply” Your back’s shadow Does sin still feel like it’s glued to you, bonded with some sort of unshakable eternal resin? Does its hold feel as if there is no release? […]