• Strength
  • Boundary Rider

    [Translate] We all experience life-changing events in our lives. Michael Cartwright @Soulsupply reminds us that we all have moments of boundaries that arrive in our lives. Please take the time and follow Michael on twitter  http://twitter.com/soulsupply and read some more of his amazing post on his website titled “Soul Supply” http://www.soulsupply.com/ Boundary Rider Kicking up […]

  • Despair
  • My Pain His Pain… Part I

    [Translate] We all carry hurt and pain that we have yet healed from. Bob Parr @BobParr_FQI encourages us to let our pain become God’s pain. He reminds us that every pain that we have carried God has already experienced. Please take the time to follow Bob on twitter http://twitter.com/@BobParr_FQI and read some more of his […]