Sunday Collectives 10/19/15 – 10/25/15

Sunday Collectives 10/19/15 – 10/25/15


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Since the middle of the 20th Century, college ministry in the US operated on a model based on the mission agency. The mission agency parallels the church and employs paid staff and volunteers to serve the spiritual needs of young people between high school and college graduations. The numbers of college students — both American and international — have far outgrown the capacity of this model to approximate its goals of reaching even a sizeable percentage of students. Enter the generational model.

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“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’”

the-last-supper-622304_640By Recon Ministries

The moment couldn’t be any more poignant. It was their last meal together, at least that side of the cross. And at this pivotal meal — what was expected as the Passover but became the first Lord’s Supper — the disciples were as clueless about what was going on, as they were so many times before.


cross-168737_640By Recon Ministries

Job 19:25

When he saw the little sailboat in the store window, his eyes sparkled in amazement. “That’s my boat!” he thought. “Dad! Dad!” he called to his father. He quickly rushed to his son’s side. “Dad, look! That’s the boat you made for my birthday last year, the one that I lost on the river!” “How do you know?” inquired the father. “It has that scratch on the left side, where I scraped it on the tree when I fell down. Remember?” said the son. Of course, the father did remember. He had spent untold hours building the boat from scratch and was disappointed in the lingering flaw. But now he suddenly found himself inside the toy store, dragged in by his little boy.
“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
John 8:36
I’m sure this must have happened to you, like it has happened to me. You get a letter, an email, or another kind of text message, you read it, misunderstand it, and draw the wrong inference. Happens all the time. That’s at least one weakness of such text messages, despite their obvious value. What causes the breakdown? The lack of a voice tone, a facial expression or body language. If you could have heard them describe it live and in person, or at least on film, the misunderstand might never have occurred.

Hiding place

trapped-869584_640By Recon Ministries

“You are my hiding place…”
Psalm 32:7
What do you think of when you hear that someone has gone into hiding? Probably that person is afraid of something, as Salmon Rushdie hid himself after a mufti issued a fatwa against him for Satanic Verses. Rushdie feared for his life after the death sentence was proclaimed and remained under cover for years. He resurfaced after the fatwa was canceled.


800px-Germany_Worms_Cathedral_JonahBy Recon Ministries

“I knew that you are a gracious…God…”
Jonah 4:2
If it weren’t so tragic it would be hilarious. To study him would make a classic case study on double-mindedness. But he reminds us so much of ourselves — God’s own people. It shows up in the end of the book named after him. The book ends with a question but supplies no answer. The lack of an answer surely confirms his authorship.

is the first application of a generational model for college ministry conceived and developed by Bill Perry. Bill is Chief of Staff and Director of Training Materials for InterFACE Ministries (HQ: Atlanta, GA. For more info, see

Bill has been married to Jenni since 1980. They have 7 kids and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren. They homeschooled all their kids from Day 1. Bill has written many books (see the Recon store), which are in over 60 countries. He also co-founded one of CareNet’s most successful crisis pregnancy center ministries in Broward County, Florida.