Sunday Collectives 3/6/17 – 3/12/17

 Sunday Collectives 3/6/17 – 3/12/17


Do I need to do good works? Audio


While God’s Word gives many instructions on what those good works should be and what they will look like, it never gives a quantification of “Well if you’re doing ‘X amount’ of good works, you can truly say that you are doing enough.” Though many seem to teach this, Christ had something very powerful to say about this in Matthew 5:20 when He told those who thought they were doing enough — they needed to do more.

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Invitations to Intimacy with God


By Sam Williamson

Most Sundays after church, my father invited us kids to critique his sermon. He disliked “Atta-boys” and he loathed a “Nice job!” He loved to observe how we thought and what we saw.

He delighted—really delighted—when we said things like:

  • I think your illustration of the boy on a bike didn’t explain predestination well;
  • I wonder if your second point should have come first, and your third point eliminated;
  • I think the best part of your sermon was the final, “Amen.”

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Hey Saint, Live Saintly


Sinclair Ferguson writes, “In the New Testament, every Christian is a saint, a holy one. This does not express the idea of a progressive development towards a condition of holiness, but rather suggests a present enjoyed status of holiness.” (Sinclair Ferguson, The Christian Life, 133) That being the case, ought not we who are called saints endeavor to live saintly?

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Standing On The shoulders Of The Fathers – 14


Theology is broken into two greek words, theos (God) and logos (Word). So then basically theology is the study of a “word about God” or God’s Word or God. You cannot separate the two. Many today will decry the study of doctrine or forming a belief system or knowledge about what and why one believes what they believe about God’s Word.

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Ya gotta get the wood!


By Lisa Buffaloe

I busied myself during the day, praying and hoping God would download a marvelous devotion for me to share. I prayed, completed my Bible study, worked in the yard, cleaned house, cooked meals, prayed, stared at the computer, and still nothing came. My days were hit and miss with revelation of something worthy to share.

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Trusting Christ Alone


By Joseph Franks

Today, we will be tempted to doubt our salvation. We will take our eyes off of Jesus Christ alone, and find ourselves with diminishing assurance that all is well with our soul.

For example, we will look at our actions with the intent of proving we are growing in holiness. However, the more we look at ourselves in comparison with God’s Law, our awareness of sin will only grow and not lessen.

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World Prayr has chosen to be different, starting with teaching others that the pilgrimage all those who have been brought near to God are on is not one about our focusing on what we are doing, or focusing on our sin or anything we are not doing, but focusing on what Christ did in order for us to know transforming grace. We refer to this message as the gospel of grace. We then live this out as a ministry by serving others through counseling, prayer, and sound biblical teachings.

We also differ from most ministries in another key area, working to live out the message of Philippians 2:4 by aggressively promoting other ministries and churches. As a mission team, World Prayr is working to serve those who are disconnected to reconnect them, one soul at a time, to local bodies of believers.

We refer to our team as an “Ohana” made up of many nationalities spread across the globe and within the Protestant faith.

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