Sunday Collectives 5/23/16 – 5/29/16

Sunday Collectives 5/23/16 – 5/29/16


ABOUT – Bibles for China

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Our Purpose

Bibles for China’s heart is to provide God’s Word, the Bible, legally and without cost to Christians often living in rural mainland China, where a great need for Bibles exists.

Many people we serve in rural China already know the love of God, but for most of them their income cannot purchase anything other than basic needs…

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She’s become more than an Olympic Tour Guide


By Bibles for China

What would you do with a Christmas bonus?

In appreciation for her dedication and hard work for Bibles for China, we sent our Chinese translator a small bonus at the end of the year.

When she began working for us she was a Tour Guide who had begun her career during the Olympics in Beijing…

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How could we not duplicate “A Day of Encouragement”

1By Bibles for China

Everyone needs encouragement occasionally.

On one of our trips last year, after we had distributed 10,000 Bibles, we had the opportunity to offer a “Day of Encouragement”.

We spent a day with leaders who are helping build the faith of those serving Christ in their Chinese communities.

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Greetings from Jaiyu, China!

Team-pic-April-2016-300x240By Bibles for China

When we met for a late breakfast, the guys quickly filled their plates, had prayer and started eating. Within a few minutes our two female team members joined us and we expected to settle into the formal conversation concerning our agenda and plans for the day.

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Serving in the midst of what some would consider adversity

Scooters-pic-300x232By Bibles for China

– not this young enthusiastic pastor!

No matter how many trips I make to visit the churches in China, I am constantly amazed at the dedication and sacrifice of the pastors there.

On a recent visit our team had the privilege of meeting a young pastor who had graduated from seminary and was serving a small church.

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Joy in the midst of adversity


By Bibles for China

When we are in China we are amazed at the amount of construction taking place in the area of transportation. These are electric bullet trains that run through rural areas at 180 miles per hour.  As a result of this growth, the government has to acquire land on which to develop these routes. When a property is taken for this purpose, the government grants land to the owners in another area.

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is committed to legally purchasing and distributing Bibles at no cost to rural Christians in China.

Committed to the extraordinary opportunity of distributing Bibles in China. Our goal is 100,000 Bibles to be delivered this year.

Thousands of rural Chinese Christians need Bibles. Bibles for China is committed to getting those Bibles into the hands of these believers at no cost to them.

Within two decades, the Chinese Church will grow to over 400 million believers, and China will become the largest Christian nation in the world! Yet, one thing is lacking.. Bibles.

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