Sunday Collectives 6/22/15 – 6/28/15

Sunday Collectives 6/22/15 – 6/28/15

This week we were honored and blessed to highlight and share The Power of Purity ministry.  It is our hope that you were able to get to know them better and know that if even one life is touched and can use some of their insights, it is God at work and we are thankful for that.  Please continue to prayerfully support them  and their outreach.  Please support their efforts>>>


Power Of Purity

human-43351_640-1By Power of Purity

Perhaps there is no greater battle that a man must fight then the purity of his heart, his purity in his relationship with God and his relationship with others. If he is married then those other relationships begin first with his wife and then if he has children, with them next.

Purity does not just extend to his what his eyes look at, but the concept of purity also extends towards his thoughts, motives and what he gives control of his body and heart too.

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couple-690948_640By Power of Purity

This session is the introduction to The Power of Purity Conference. Is it really possible to be a person of sexual purity in this day and age? Is it really possible to honor God with the expression of your sexual gift? Discover the surprising answer to these questions, and what it means to “close the gap” between the sexual person you have been and the sexual person God is calling you to be.

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Tony’s Story

rays-801846_640By Power of Purity

This is the amazing and powerful story – including the good, the bad, and the ugly – of Tony’s journey from sexual brokenness to sexual healing – from sexual bondage to sexual freedom. Through Tony’s unusual honesty and vulnerability, you’ll learn how sex came to represent for him, not only the deepest pain, disobedience, and bondage of his life, but also the greatest expression of the love, power, and healing of God he has ever experienced.

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Destroying The Six Roots Of Sexual Sin

wood-anemone-778807_640By Power of Purity

Apple trees make apples, and orange trees make oranges, but one thing is for sure – the fruit on a tree always comes from the roots of the tree. In this session you’ll discover the six roots of sexual sin that are common in many mens lives. If these six roots live in your life, they will continue to perpetually produce the fruit of sexual sin. The only way to truly change your life is to understand these roots of sexual sin, to expose them in your life, and to then renounce and kill them through the truth, power, and blood of Christ.

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Into The Light

heart-583895_640By Power of Purity

In this session you’ll discover why the light of God is so important to sexual healing and wholeness. It’s in the light of God that we find God’s truth, power, healing, and redemption – in short, we find God himself! Discover why the light of God is so powerful, what it means to come into the light, and the surprising resource that is already within your reach that will greatly increase the possibility of your sexual health, wholeness, and healing.

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The Power of Purity Conference Overview

sunlight-108766_640By Power of Purity

Are you interested in learning to control sex instead of being controlled by sex? The Power of Purity Conference offers you very practical information, strategies, and tools that can empower you in your journey from the sexual man you’ve been to the sexual man God is calling you to be. In this 28 minute video you’ll get a FREE OVERVIEW of the entire Power of Purity Conference, including a short sample from each of the 18 sessions.

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Power of Purity is a ministry proclaiming the message of sexual purity throughout the 26 prisons of the Missouri State Prison System.

Tony Ingrassia founded the ministry based on his own struggles and now as a Licensed Professional Counselor he brings the truths that brought delivery for himself to other men.

They have a wonderful three book offering, that they have developed to further the message of purity. Which you can find on their website 3-Book Set

Listen to the Power of Purity Podcasts at Also available on itunes and Stitcher

Contact Power Of Purity Ministries either on their website or their Facebook page.

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