Sunday Collectives 8/01/16 – 8/07/16

Sunday Collectives 8/01/16 – 8/07/16


 I have been told I need to make myself more deserving of God’s grace. Is this true? – Audio


There really is only one reply to this. “We are not deserving of grace, plain and simple!” No amount of effort, focus on obedience, focus on our holiness and focus on anything we might think we can do will ever qualify us to receive grace. How about this for a mind blowing concept; we already are as qualified, as we can be. Not only to receive grace, but to receive the inheritance

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A Radically Normal Life


By Chad West

We Christians want to change the world.

We feel as though it’s our calling, nay, our right to give this butt-ugly planet a makeover with our sterling religious principles. And I don’t disagree that the world is a mess. It’s an entire bottle of grape juice on an expensive white couch in your boss’s house. Your ex-boyfriend calling because he wants his Zeppelin album back when the serial killer is just about to walk past you unawares. A disaster of tremendous proportion with terrible consequences.

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The Liberated Mouth

shadow-986955_1280by Joseph Franks

There is not a man or woman on the planet who has not received some portion of God’s Law. Some hear it from the pulpit. Some read it from the Bible. All have parts of it written on their heart. Consciously or unconsciously, all men know much of the morality expected by God.

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Are you Searching?


By Jessica Dixon

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Are you searching for something or should I say a feeling that you know will make you feel whole or complete?

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He’s Getting So Big


The Pharisees were not chastised by Jesus for their devotion and admiration of chasing the ceremonial laws, or what they perceived as the Mosaic law. They were chastised for making it about their obedience, what they were doing, for looking down on others who were not doing what they themselves were doing, including Christ and for keeping others from seeing Christ as the Messiah.

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Standing On The shoulders Of The Fathers – 7


Theology is broken into two greek words, theos (God) and logos (Word). So then basically theology is the study of a “word about God” or God’s Word or God. You cannot separate the two. Many today will decry the study of doctrine or forming a belief system or knowledge about what and why one believes what they believe about God’s Word.

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World Prayr has chosen to be different, starting with teaching others that the pilgrimage all those who have been brought near to God are on is not one about our focusing on what we are doing, or focusing on our sin or anything we are not doing, but focusing on what Christ did in order for us to know transforming grace. We refer to this message as the gospel of grace. We then live this out as a ministry by serving others through counseling, prayer, and sound biblical teachings.

We also differ from most ministries in another key area, working to live out the message of Philippians 2:4 by aggressively promoting other ministries and churches. As a mission team, World Prayr is working to serve those who are disconnected to reconnect them, one soul at a time, to local bodies of believers.

We refer to our team as an “Ohana” made up of many nationalities spread across the globe and within the Protestant faith.

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