Sunday Collectives 8/24/15 – 8/30/15

Sunday Collectives 8/24/15 – 8/30/15


Koinonia House National Ministries – who we are

prayer-for-freedom-gods-wayby Manny Mill

A Critical National Concern

The need for biblical and whole-life discipleship among ex-prisoners is becoming increasingly acute. Prisons are overcrowded and new ones continue to be built as a means of “solution” to the increasing crime and recidivism (return t o prison) rates.

Did you know that each year nearly 700,000 of the approximately 2.4 million individuals incarcerated in the department of corrections throughout the United States are released back into society? It is estimated that 10 percent, or 70,000 of those are Christians!

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Along the Road to Angola


– by Dr. David Gieser, College Church Member via Koinonia House National Ministries

The sobering reality of our destination begin to sink in as we headed down the desolate 20 mile road that led to only one place: Louisiana State Penitentiary.  Located on 18,000 acres with guard dogs that are a mix of German Shepherd and wolf, the average sentence of the 6500 inmates is 88 years.   Ninety percent of the men will die behind bars.

Mary and I had been invited by Manny and Barbara Mill to join them for several days of ministry.   Manny is the executive director of Koinonia House National Ministries, and receives some of his support as an evangelist to prisoners from College Church.

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Disciple him? Practice hospitality with her?


by Barbara Mill, College Church member and

Operations Director, Koinonia House National Ministries

Imagine you must leave the place you’ve called home for the last several years.   You say goodbye to several Christian friends and the small church where you’ve been worshipping and serving. You arrive at your new location with few clothes, no transportation, no employment, no identification, and, quite possibly, no lodging.

What is your next step? Where do you begin? By now you may be thinking, “These are immigration and refugee resettlement issues.” True, but these are also some of the challenges facing the approximately 80,000 Christians being released from America’s prisons each year.

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Denise – an RTO Testimony


by Koinonia House National Ministries


Denise has a personal testimony about her experience with RTO

– this is what she recently shared during Radical Time Out:

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Prison bible seminary offers hope, education


Danville program prepares prisoners for ministry
By Manya Brachear, Pashman, Chicago Tribune reporter via Koinonia House® National Ministries 
— Before the sun rose too high above the guard tower one recent morning,prisonerJuanMeneses finished his daily gardening routine, raced across campus and bounded into theology class 15 minutes late. Meneses, 35, didn’t have time to take his seat before the professor ordered him to the blackboard. Still out of breath, he peeled off his orange “Grounds Crew” T-shirttoreveal prison blues, picked up a piece of chalk and scrawled the Greek letters epsilon,rho, chi, omicron, mu, alpha, and iota — perfect Greek for “I come.”

Here in this classroom, surrounded by chain-link fences, barbed wire and prison guards, the convicted murderer once known as “Sinister” by his fellow Latin Kings says he is trying to escape the name and live a more virtuous life….

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“Life” Angola, La -Louisiana State Penitentiary


By Koinonia House® National Ministries 

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being released from prison by

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Koinonia House® National Ministries>>>


Koinonia House® National Ministries (KHNM) is an educational and training organization, meeting the needs of Christians coming out of prison. Please visit for current activities and information.

The vision of Koinonia House National Ministries is to glorify God through the redemption of our neighbors in prison by the gospel of Jesus Christ and their continued discipleship out of prison, thus reducing the recidivism rate.

The mission of Koinonia House National Ministries is to bridge the gap between the Christian inmate and the local church, facilitating the integration of the former inmate into the church, workplace, and society through biblical discipleship.

Manny’s first book Radical Redemption – The Real Story of Manny Mill is the moving story of the founder and director of Koinonia House® National Ministries.

Be sure to check out Manny’s new book, Radical Prayer: The Power of Being Bold and Persistent on Amazon

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