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  • The Strongest Faith


    [Translate] The Strongest Faith by Kimm Crandall The weakest believer among us receives the same strong Christ as does the believer whose faith seems unmoved. This is good news for all of us because it’s not the strength of our faith that gives us hope; it’s the strength of Jesus’s faith. Let me explain: One summer my […]

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  • Theology in Sound Bites – 7


    [Translate] Theology in Sound Bites – 7 There is so much confusion in our Christian life, what it means to live it, what does it look like. If one studies it one will hear terms like Justification, Sanctification, Union With Christ, Eternal Security, God’s Will, Love, Grace, Law, Mercy and other terms. While in a […]

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  • The battle for hope


    [Translate] The battle for hope By Wendy Alsup A friend and I were talking last night about the battle for hope. We’re both at what could possibly be called a mid-life crisis. For me, the crisis comes from the fact that I’m dying to the idea that, since God is good, therefore life following Him […]

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  • Along the path we go


    [Translate] Along the path we go Few passages illustrate the truth that digging deeper into the clear, pristine, chemical free waters of the gospel well will always result in us not only getting started on walking the stepping stones of the law or being guided by God’s Holy Perfect Law, but that it is the […]