Passionate Son

What are some things that you are passionate in your life? Bob Parr @BobParr_FQI challenges us to see if we are passionate or passionless. He reminds us that Jesus was passionate about teaching, preaching, healing and to fulfill the purpose of God the Father for His life. Please take the time to follow Bob on […]

Missing Pieces & the 3 C's

Some of us have become accustomed to the ways of society, instead of following the ways of God. Arlene Wallis @Th1kmdm09 breaks down specific key facts on how some people pertain to society’s ways and she compares them to her own ways concerning God. Please take the time to follow Arlene on twitter and […]

Obstacles in Life

At times we set in our minds this perfect plan of how our lives should be laid out for us. We sometimes think that the people so close to us has all the answers. Todd Covington @t0ddalexander delivers a powerful message on obstacles in our lives, he reminds us that during our journey we should […]

The Abbreviated Jesus

An abbreviation is a shortened version of a real word. Eric DeMar @Scubadogg breaks down how many of us who say we love and follow Jesus have Abbreviated Him. Eric tells us how Jesus is the heart and key to the Holy Scripture and that He can’t be abbreviated. Today’s blog post is powerful and it will truly […]

Preventing Knee-Jerk Reactions

At times, every leader will display negative personality traits or knee-jerk reactions that don’t seem to fit with the rest of their leadership package. They demonstrate excellent leadership skills 95-99% of the time but once in a great while they have an unpredicted outburst or go silent or won’t face a problem or… They have […]