Missionary Heart

Missionary Heart By Bibles for China My September Bibles for China mission trip fulfilled more than expectations could have imagined. Even though you may bring a long history of mission activity, God’s Spirit and joy will occupy any unfilled vessel as long as you are open and serving. Visiting with Chinese Christians in their local […]

Amazing Experience!

Amazing Experience! By Bibles for China After returning home from China, friends, family, and co-workers all wanted to hear what the best part of the experience was. It was a struggle finding the right story to paint how vivid of an impression this country left on me. I didn’t know if I should describe the […]

Sunday Collectives 5/19/14 – 5/25/14

Sunday Collectives 5/19/14 – 5/25/14   Our Mission – Bibles for China By Bibles for China Bibles for China’s mission is to provide God’s Word (The Bible), free of charge, to Christians living in remote economically depressed areas of rural mainland China. Many people living in rural China already know the love of God, but for most […]