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  • Strengthen the core


    [Translate] Strengthen the core By Lisa Buffaloe While in physical therapy for compressed discs in my neck, the therapist reminded me to make a conscious effort to keep my stomach muscles tight. Those muscles are core and vital to many common movements, such as lifting, twisting, reaching, and bending. A weak core causes problems with […]

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    [Translate] FORGIVE AND FORGET? By Chad West Like God, shame is omnipresent, especially in our culture. Thanks to social media, our voice is everywhere, and even the slightest unintentional misstep is torn into by the ravenous wolves; the gatekeepers of the politically correct. But the ubiquity of baseless shame does not exclude a place for […]

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  • Then I Met Messiah


    [Translate] Then I Met Messiah By Ceil Rosen via Jews for Jesus It was New Year’s Eve, 1951. As I reached for a drinking glass in the shelf-lined pantry of our cold-water flat, I glanced out of the tiny window at the midnight sky. The light of one star in the southwest dazzled me with […]