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    [Translate] I Have Decided By Christie Lambert This morning, let’s go ahead and make it clear. Let’s make the choice. We will not give ear to the enemy. We will not allow doubt or fear, accusation or the threat of insufficiency dwell in our minds. We will not allow deception to divide our hearts. We […]

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  • A Morning Story

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    [Translate] A Morning Story By Christie Lambert Confession: I woke up cranky today. I was impatient with my kids, griping about what they had or hadn’t done and short-tempered with inanimate objects like a box of cookies that wouldn’t easily open while I was packing lunches. I was stomping around and sighing deep and bitter […]

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    [Translate] Reminder By Pat Thacker In the midst of our trials and tribulations we do feel alone and even forgotten by God! But we must remember God is working things out for us even when we cannot see or understand. Joseph was faithful to God and still ended up in a difficult place,being in the […]

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  • Jesus Fell Asleep


    [Translate] Jesus Fell Asleep By Wendy Alsup As I was reading from the book of Luke this morning, a phrase in the middle of the story of Jesus calming the waters struck me, “he fell asleep.” Luke 8   22 One day he got into a boat with his disciples, and he said to them, “Let […]