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    [Translate] BEWARE OF THE ACCUSER By Elsie Ruiz     One of the things I dislike the most in my life is being accused of something I didn’t do. To be accused unjustly and to be judged unjustly is to be treated unjustly, and this is something that not only angers me, but hurts me deeply. […]

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  • My Fears … My Savior


    [Translate] My Fears … My Savior By Henry Neufeld As evening was approaching that day, he said, “Let’s go to the other side.” So he left the crowd, and they joined Jesus in the boat where he was already sitting. There were other boats with him. And there was a violent wind storm and the […]

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  • Season for boldness

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    [Translate] Season for boldness By Jeff Fisher When I was a teen and had my first speech class I was terrified of public speaking and skipped class the entire semester, hanging out with some other juvenile delinquents in an empty study hall. I took a licking with a canoe paddle from the principle for it, […]