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  • Spiritual Insanity


    [Translate] Spiritual Insanity By Sam Williamson A couple years ago I met with a twenty-eight-year-old woman who told me of a struggle she faced. She was dissatisfied. Growing up, she had sensible desires for her life: a reasonable husband, a nice family, and a moderate house. Soon after college she married a really good man; […]

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  • Common Sense or Nonsense?


    [Translate] Common Sense or Nonsense? By Sam Williamson The speaker was persuasive and moving. He asked us to hug a friend, stomp on the floor, and even pinch our own forearms. It didn’t hurt that he could have been a GQ model: six foot three, blond-haired, blue-eyed, and funny. When he looked each of us […]

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  • Can grace be defined?


    [Translate] Can grace be defined? We at World Prayr, have realized that grace can be a difficult concept to grasp. At times it can be confusing to many. It is for this reason that, in a simple way, we have written “Walking in God’s Grace….Practical Answers to Tough Questions” in a question and answer format, so it […]