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    [Translate] Graduation By Tommy Winarta Last week, September 23rd was my graduation (yay!), an end to a four-year journey. Previously I wrote about the early days of my university life with all the bumps, the days of spending a semester in Germany, and I think it’s only fair to write one more as my days of learning […]

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  • Sunday Collectives 9/11/17 – 9/17/17


    [Translate] Sunday Collectives 9/11/17 – 9/17/17   FORGIVE AND FORGET? By Chad West Like God, shame is omnipresent, especially in our culture. Thanks to social media, our voice is everywhere, and even the slightest unintentional misstep is torn into by the ravenous wolves; the gatekeepers of the politically correct. But the ubiquity of baseless shame does not exclude […]