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  • Prosperity Gospel For Real


    [Translate] Prosperity Gospel For Real By Patrick Badstibner As a retired landscape architect and artist who designed pools, outdoor rooms, unattached buildings, patios and driveways, I had the opportunity often depending on the homeowner’s budget to work with many real and artificial things. In fact, in design and architecture there is one word often seen […]

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  • Promises


    [Translate] Promises By Mark Luker   I love promises don’t you? When I was a kid, promises meant the world to me. Promises from my Grandfather that he would take me fishing – Promises from my Grandmother that she would buy us an ice cream cone when we went to town. So many wonderful promises […]

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  • What do you want?


    [Translate] What do you want? By Mike Messerli  Life is short.  The bible says repeatedly that it’s like a vapor, a mist that is quickly gone.  We are here for just a few years and then…..we are gone. So,  what do you want?  What do you want to do? What do you want to be remembered […]