FINDING HOPE By Chad West She had just come out of a horrible marriage. Aside from emotionally and mentally abusing her, he’d been known to hit her too. After years of hoping he would suddenly change, she got out. She had to get a secret apartment because he was out looking for her. But, for […]

COPE and Jesus Inside Prison Ministry

COPE and Jesus Inside Prison Ministry COPE is an international network of ministries providing fellowship, promoting excellence, sharing resources and encouraging unity among those called to criminal justice/restorative justice/prison ministry. COPE’s purpose – to equip you for YOUR purpose. Founded on a vision to build an army of ministries coming out of prison, COPE is a […]

Ten Ways Prison Ministry Promotes Church Growth

Ten Ways Prison Ministry Promotes Church Growth by Phil Van Auken, Professor of Management, Baylor University via COPE “I never shared my faith with anyone until I got involved in prison ministry.” “Prison work taught me the true meaning of forgiveness, repentance, and restoration.” “My prayer life has a new lease on life due to […]